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Window Tint Film Benefits for Puyallup Area Residents


Window tint films can help protect your furnishings from harmful UV radiation. We serve our customers in the Puyallup, WA area to protect their homes from the Seattle sun. Soft furnishings can be damaged by fading when left in sunlight.

Our window tint film helps leaves your Puyallup home or business protected. Our home window tinting and commercial window tinting protect homes in the Puyallup area by eliminating up to 99.9% of UV rays.

Our home window tinting can help protect:

  • Carpets
  • Draperies
  • Bedspreads
  • Upholstery

Home Window Tinting Benefits for the Puyallup Area Homeowner


Our home window tinting can also reduce energy bills. Our window tint film provides your Puyallup area home with up to 80% of heat reduction, saving you money when installed in your Puyallup area home.

As well as protecting your Puyallup area home, our window tint film can also help protect your family from UV rays. All of our window tint films come with glare reduction so you can place your television where you want in a room.

The benefits of having home window tinting in your Puyallup area home include:

  • Reduce energy bills with home window tinting
  • Reduce glare with home window tinting
  • Eliminate UV rays with home window tinting

Commercial Window Tinting Benefits for the Puyallup Area Business


At ABC Sun Control Inc, we are dedicated to protecting the Puyallup area from the sun by installing commercial window tinting for businesses and window tint film for homes.

Our commercial window tinting has the same quality protection from the sun as our home window tinting, but also has a few extra security measures in the window tint film to help protect your Puyallup business.

Our commercial window tinting uses the latest technology to protect your Puyallup area business. Our window tint films help to reduce vandalism and intrusions with shatter-resistant window tint films added to our commercial window tinting services.

Our commercial window tinting also helps to prevent vandalism by using anti-graffiti technology in the window tint film.

Furthermore, your business can be protected from prying eyes by installing a one-way tint to your commercial window tinting. With this one-way technology in your commercial window tinting, you can protect your privacy from others peering into your commercial window tinting.

However, this window tint film still allows your employees to look out of their windows.  The benefits of commercial window tinting include:

  • The same protection from the sun as our home window tinting
  • The same energy-reducing technology as our home window tinting
  • Anti-vandalism technology in our window tint film
  • Anti-graffiti technology in our commercial window film
  • One-way technology in our commercial window film

Talk to us to discuss all your commercial window tinting and home window tinting needs. Together, we can help protect the people living and working in the Puyallup area with our specialized window tint films for all buildings.