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Window Tint Film Benefits for Kent Residents


Most people in Kent, WA believe that window tint film is installed to protect homes or commercial places from excessive heat, sunlight glare and harmful UV radiation. Actually, window tint film offers several other benefits, including enhanced privacy, protection of the furniture/furnishings against fading, reduced HVAC costs, better safety and more.

ABC Sun Control, Inc. helps Kent customers enjoy all these benefits through its services for commercial window tinting and home window tinting. Installing window tint film in Kent properties since 1976, our family owned and operated business has earned a stellar reputation by:

  • Addressing customers’ questions about window tint film
  • Using premium window tint film from leading manufacturers
  • Installing window tint film flawlessly
  • Completing home window tinting and commercial window tinting on schedule
  • Charging affordable prices for window tint film installation

Moreover, we back our window tint film installation in Kent with excellent warranties. While our residential window tint film comes with a limited lifetime warranty, the commercial window tint film carries a warranty of 5-10 years.

Home Window Tinting Benefits for the Kent Homeowner


Home window tinting is one of the wisest investments a Kent homeowner can make. Home window tinting is much more energy-efficient and, therefore, economical than curtains or blinds. In fact, home window tinting proves to be the better option also because:

  • Home window tinting does not block the view
  • Home window tinting is easier to clean and maintain
  • Home window tinting gives the exteriors a uniform appearance
  • Home window tinting can be installed on angled windows

Kent residents who want window tint film that can be relied on for impeccable performance for years to come should get their home window tinting done by us.

Commercial Window Tinting Benefits for the Kent Business


Our window tint film installation company offers commercial window tinting for all types of businesses in Kent. We offer commercial window tinting for outside windows as well as commercial window tinting for interior office spaces.

Kent businesses can hire us for commercial window tinting to achieve a no-nonsense, professional image. Meanwhile, commercial window tinting from us in their private office and conference rooms creates a workplace offering:

  • A polished look
  • Minimal distraction for employees
  • Protection of client confidentiality

Our commercial window tinting also reduces glare and hot-spots within offices. The multiple benefits of commercial window tinting make it a profitable investment for Kent businesses.

Trust ABC Sun Control, Inc. for your home window tinting and commercial window tinting needs in Kent. Call (800) 488-5099.