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Window Tint Film Benefits for Bellevue Residents


The most significant benefit of installing window tint film is that it protects you and your family from harmful ultra-violet radiation. Window tint film saves the furniture and furnishings from getting faded.

We provide window tint film in Bellevue that blocks UV rays and keeps your fabrics and furniture free from damage.

Window tint film in Bellevue,WA gives you more privacy. We provide window tint film that will prevent others from seeing in through your windows.

It is a misconception that window tint film is only used by the affluent and celebrities. However, window tint film for your Bellevue home is inexpensive and can ensure everyone’s privacy.

We produce different shades of window tint film for Bellevue homes, such as:

  • Dyed window tint film
  • Deposited window tint film
  • Sputtered (metalized) window tint film
  • Hybrid window tint film

Home Window Tinting Benefits for the Bellevue Homeowner


Home window tinting in Bellevue has become a necessity for homeowners. You need to consider a few aspects while choosing your home window tinting film, though:

  • UV protection level of the home window tinting
  • Absorption of heat capability of the home window tinting
  • Glare reduction percentage of the home window tinting
  • Styling for your home window tinting
  • Privacy level of your home window tinting

Many homeowners in Bellevue choose the darker home window tinting to get maximum privacy and glare reduction. These home window tinting films provide privacy in daylight and at night.

Home window tinting film prevents shattered glasses from flying inward from collision or severe weather. Home window tinting film also adds a dash of style to your Bellevue home.

Commercial Window Tinting Benefits for the Bellevue Business


The owners of commercial properties use commercial window tinting for various reasons. Commercial window tinting film is used in different places in Bellevue,including:

  • Restaurants
  • Stores
  • Office buildings

Commercial window tinting film is used in these places to add protection, privacy, and comfort. Our high quality commercial window tinting film can block up to 85% heat.

This means that our commercial window tinting will save you money in cooling costs. Our commercial window tinting film will also reduce glare up to 95%.

Commercial window tinting film in Bellevue can make your work place more appealing to the employees, customers, and visitors. Commercial window tinting film maintains a constant temperature in the building.

Your energy and operating costs will be reduced by the use of commercial window tinting film. Commercial window tinting film not only saves you energy but also your valuable furniture, flooring, equipment, and merchandise.


Our commercial window tinting film provides privacy and security to your workers.