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Why Solar Film is Important in Residential and Commercial Buildings

Solar film is one of the best solutions for keeping your furnishings and interiors safe from fading and cracking. Solar film is a necessity of each residential and commercial building because of:

  • Fading and discoloration of walls due to direct sunlight exposure
  • Cracking and peeling of furniture
  • Discoloration and damaging of hardwood floorings due to UV radiation

We provide durable and long lasting window tint film and solar window film according to the size and shape of your windows.

Solar Window Film Can Reduce Damaging UV Rays

Window tint film is essential to prevent UV radiation damage to your art décor. We have scratch resistant window tint film, so you won’t need to replace it any time soon. Our professionally designed window tint film is:

  • Scratch resistant solar film
  • Weather resistant solar film
  • Nearly invisible window tint film
  • Able to block 99.9% of UV rays

Types of Window Tint Film

At ABC Sun Control, Inc., advanced technologies are used to design and produce solar film for residential as well as commercial purposes. Our experts assist you in selecting the best window tint film for your home or business.

Different window tint film types designed to suit your needs, taste, and budget include:

  • Traditional solar window film
  • Ceramic solar window film
  • Spectra-select solar window film
  • Dyed solar window film

Traditional metallized solar film, or solar window tint film, is the least expensive solar window film. It is hard to detect this solar window film on glass. It provides up to 80%reduction in heat and glare into the room. We provide metallized solar film with a lifetime warranty for residential buildings and with a 15 year warranty for commercial purposes.

Ceramic solar window film is non-reflective and hard to detect on glass. Our ceramic solar film can reduce heat and glare up to 60%. We have a life time guarantee for ceramic window tint film for residential buildings, while ceramic window tint film for commercial buildings comes with the guarantee of 15 years.

Although the cost of spectra-select solar film is higher than metallic or ceramic solar film, it is a perfect choice as a commercial window tint film. Spectra-select solar film is an ‘invisible’ window tint film that cannot be detected on glass. It provides the greatest heat rejection of up to about 70% compared to metallized or ceramic solar window film.

Dyed solar film, or original window tint film, is an inexpensive solar window film. It is similar to traditional metallized solar film with a minimal reflective appearance.

For more information and a free estimate on solar window film, call us today. We will provide you with the perfect window tint film for your home or business in the greater Seattle area.