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Solar Control Window Film Helps to Minimize Fading


Any material exposed to sunlight is subject to fading. Whether it is intense light for a short time or weaker light for long a period as in cloudy days, exposure to sunlight always causes fading.

Fading factors:

  • Visible light that we see
  • Infra-red heat that we feel
  • Ultraviolet light rays that are neither visible nor can be felt
  • Artificial lighting indoors
  • Humidity
  • Poor dye anchorage

All three elements of sunlight cause fading irrespective of a window’s compass orientation and can thus fade out valuable furnishings, such as

  • Less fade resistant silk or wool
  • Antiques, tapestries, rugs with unstable dyes
  • Unstable fluorescent dyes

Fortunately, solar control window film helps minimize such fading. Solar control window film lets the sunlight in, but keeps damage and fading out.


  • Solar control window film has amazing heat rejection technology
  • With solar control window film, changing the appearance of your home is minimal
  • Solar control window film allows 70% of light in and rejects 60% of the heat
  • Solar control window film reduces glare

We offer varieties of solar control window film based on different technologies. But all solar control window film minimizes fading and maintains privacy.


We offer solar control window film at affordable prices. We can quickly install solar control window film at your home or office.

Fight against sunlight with solar control window film.

Solar Window Film Can Filter UV Rays

Solar window film blocks 99.9% of the all UV rays and highly minimizes fading and damage. Solar window film enables you to keep your fabrics and furnishings long lasting and vibrant.

Though no window film can totally eliminate fading, solar window film works the best at saving your furnishings from fading.

Guard your materials from fading through solar window film.

UV rays filtering capabilities:

  • Average clear glass - 25%
  • Dual-pane glass - 50%
  • Low-E glass - 60%
  • ABC Sun Control Solar Window Film - 99.9%

Although 100% fading protection is impractical, solar window film serves as an effective way to protect from fadeouts. Invest in solar window film and reduce damage to fabrics, furniture, and lower your maintenance costs.

Call us today to install solar window film and enjoy the sunlight.

Solar Window Film • What Fades? 

Sunlight has many impacts on everyday life:

  • Causes wood to darken when exposed for a long time
  • Expensive or cheap, fabrics are always vulnerable to fading
  • Fades artwork, such as photographs, paintings, wood sculptures, tapestries

Get solar window film and protect your furniture, fabrics, flooring, paint, and decorations from facing the daily fading menace.

Get solar window film affixed today and stay protected. We serve the greater Seattle area.