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School Window Safety Film Protects Bainbridge Island Students and Staff


Schools are havens of education. Children coming to school must be protected from all kinds of events, and even vandalism. To ensure such safety for children, schools are getting safety window films installed on school windows.

ABC Sun Control, Inc. offers high quality services for the installation of school window safety film for Bainbridge Island, WA schools. As a reliable company, we recommend the installation of school window safety film as it provides benefits like:

  • Protection from the sun
  • Holding the glass in case of shattering
  • Anti-graffiti surfaces
  • Durable against pressure

You can rely on our skilled and experienced technicians for the safe and proper installation of school window safety film. Our technicians are equipped with the best quality school window safety film and the right equipment to install it properly.

Safety Window Film - Cost-Effective Protection for Bainbridge Island Schools


Installing safety window film is highly recommended for schools, as it not only offers protection against the sun but against interior and exterior vandalism. Often, children scribble or scratch the windows, making them vulnerable to breakage.

The safety window film on the glass protects them from easy breakage and damage. We install high quality safety window films for Bainbridge Island schools, which provide the students and staff the benefits of:

  • Reduced glare of the sun
  • Protection from the harmful UV rays
  • Added privacy to the classes
  • Enhanced appearance of the building

With the installation of safety window film in your school, you can ensure privacy of the premises. With us as the contractors for the installation of glass safety film, you need not worry about the cost. We always charge reasonably.

Why Choose Us for Glass Safety Film Installation in Bainbridge Island?


Whether you are looking for the installation of glass safety film in your school or your home in Bainbridge Island, you will require the services of an experienced company. Choose the best company for the glass safety film installation by evaluating each company’s:

  • Experience
  • Reliability
  • Reputation
  • Recommendation
  • Pricing

You can choose us for glass safety film installation in Bainbridge Island as we possess all these qualities and more. Moreover, we ensure that the glass safety film that we choose for your property is the best quality and will be installed properly.

Call ABC Sun Control, Inc. at 800-488-5099 for any needs of school window safety film installation in Bainbridge Island.