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New Windows Are a Costly Expense for Bainbridge Island Business Owners


Glass windows add great aesthetic value to any commercial building in Bainbridge Island, WA. However, these are also the most vulnerable and weakest entry points into the property. It is important to safeguard commercial windows, whether storefront windows or any others, to ensure the safety of:

  • Merchandise and other business assets
  • Sensitive business information
  • Employees

It is also necessary to protect new windows in a Bainbridge Island business property because getting them installed is an expensive project, and every business owner wants to make the most of their investment.

Whatever the reason a business owner wants to protect the new windows in his/her Bainbridge Island property, ABC Sun Control, Inc. can help. We install premium quality security window films and anti-graffiti films. Our films can protect new windows of Bainbridge Island business properties from damage due to vandalism, unwanted intrusions, or severe weather conditions.

Bainbridge Island Commercial Windows Are a Target for Vandalism


The shatter-proof security window films installed by us safeguard commercial windows in Bainbridge Island against criminal activity. Business owners plan for the long-term and know how essential it is to protect new windows from acts of vandalism.

Commercial windows are a common target for vandals. Our window films safeguard commercial windows in Bainbridge Island by offering a strong barrier that criminals find tough to get through. To ensure that the films protect new windows as reliably as they should, we conduct the installation with:

  • High quality products
  • Trained technicians
  • Meticulous attention detail

The best thing about getting window films installed by us is that these safeguard commercial windows in a Bainbridge Island property without changing the appearance of the building in any way.

Bainbridge Island Storefront Window Protection - Anti-Graffiti Window Film


We offer anti-graffiti film installation to safeguard commercial windows and storefront window of Bainbridge Island business properties. The film offers a dependable way to protect new windows and cost-effective solution to the problem of replacing a graffiti-damaged storefront window.

Installed on the exterior storefront window in a Bainbridge Island shop or building, the anti-graffiti film protects the glass from:

  • Scratches
  • Tagging and scribing
  • Acid etching

Moreover, the film reduces the damage from breakage of the storefront window in Bainbridge Island buildings by holding the glass together and preventing it from falling out.

Want to safeguard your commercial windows in Bainbridge Island against intentional or accidental damage? Call ABC Sun Control, Inc. at 800-488-5099 for anti-graffiti or security window film installation.