Window Film Installation for Residential and Commercial Buildings


ABC Sun Control has been the leader in architectural window tinting in Seattle, Tacoma, and the surrounding areas since 1976. We are known for high-quality window coverings and our decorative window film, which is not only attractive to the eyes but also works for different purposes.

Our decorative window film is an essential in homes and offices. It can make an artless window into an attractive and desirable scene that will last for many years. These window coverings are designed to:

  • Hide unpleasant view outside your home or office
  • Weatherproof your windows with window coverings
  • Manage sunlight entry with decorative window film
  • Filter UV rays with window coverings

Window Coverings that Reduce Heat and Save Energy


Our window coverings enable our consumers to enjoy better temperatures within their homes or offices with the heat reduction feature inherent in our decorative window film. It controls the amount of heat that enters a building. In turn, these homes and offices will need less air-conditioning.

These window coverings can bring about comfort to people through:

  • Glare reduction due to decorative window film
  • Prevent eye fatigue with window coverings
  • Stop UV damage with window coverings

Decorative Window Film for Privacy and Security


Our window coverings can provide privacy not only from the outside the home or office but also between parts of the building..

Our decorative window film options have distinctive and elegant designs that will surely make your home or office a beautiful sight to see. It also possesses the following features:

  • Durable and sand-blasted appearance
  • Special effect graphics
  • Internally-illuminated displays
  • A uniform color in both reflected and transmitted light

Aside from privacy, another key advantage of our window coverings is the increased safety and security in homes and offices. The easiest way an intruder can enter your house is through breaking the glass window or door.

Unwanted intrusions can be reduced and avoided with our decorative window film. These window coverings have advanced shatter resistance and meets all GSA/DOD glass fragment retention and blast requirements.

With the anti-graffiti feature of our decorative window film, you won’t ever have to spend a lot of money on glass replacement and repair of windows and walls.

Our company is dedicated to providing and installing the best window coverings and decorative window film to our customers’ homes and offices. These decorative window film options are designed to protect and add elegance to your home or office windows for a long time.

ABC Sun Control serves the greater Seattle area. For more information, call 800-404-3695.

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